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8 Essential Things to Know Before Selling Your House

8 Essential Things to Know Before Selling Your House


 Selling your house can be a stressful event in life. Many people are not adequately aware of how to market their house to get reasonable offers but are equally unaware of how easy it can actually be. This is why many people decide to get real estate agents or realtors to list their homes for them. 


These agents, brokers, or realtors compile details of the property and accordingly make a presentation on it’s value and possible repair recommendations to make a property more likely to get sold. But in return for their work, guidance, presentations, and involvement, they take a massive chunk of the sales price, which can leave a sour taste for many owners when a home does not require significant effort to get sold but still pay those hefty commissions all-the-same. 


Well, here we aim to provide our readers with first-hand solutions so that they can save their hard-earned money. For this, you need to get yourself acquainted with some basic procedures and techniques in order to market your house and sell it without an agent. So, here are 8 essential things to know before you sell your home. 


8 Things To Do Before Selling Your House 


Start Decluttering 



Decluttering your house is the first and most effective step to take in adding immediate value to your home. Removing all the clutter makes your home appear more spacious and appeals to more buyers (and brings higher offers). Remember to empty all the clutter in the wardrobes, under the bed, basements, storeroom, and the yard. Whether inside or outside the house, clutter can immediately negatively impact a prospective buyer's first impression and give them enough hesitation to continue their home search. So, declutter your home and maximize that first impression to grab the attention of prospective buyers. 


Clean Your Property Thoroughly 

Clean your property

Before selling your house or marketing it, it is pivotal to clean your property (here’s a 2 hour method) thoroughly. Cleaning all the windows, floors, doors, and stains is a great step to attract potential buyers. Moreover, a thorough cleaning should help eliminate any funky or underlying smells that could turn off a prospective buyer. 


If your house is clean, smells nice, and looks captivating, then you have a better chance to make your home the most pleasing to the subconscious mind of the buyer. 


Paint The Walls Neutral Tones

Paint the walls

While living on your property, you are at liberty to play with different colors for your bedroom, living room, or even outside of the house. But when you are set to sell your house, it is best to repaint the walls and doors to neutral tones to appeal to a higher number of buyers. 


A lot of people don’t find it important, but it does matter. While that yellow, orange, blue, or red wall might have appealed to you, it is less likely to appeal to most buyers. And it’s difficult to hate the neutral shades. Also, it makes the room look clean and more spacious.  


Fix The Small Details 

fixx the small details

Small details can play a huge impacting role on the minds of the buyers. Therefore, it is paramount to repair, fix, and mend all the small details. From door handles to windows, curtain rods to faucets, towel bars to taps, and cabinets to electrical outlets, each small detail can demonstrate how concerned you are as an owner of your property. 


Double Check The Kitchen And Bathroom


Double check bathrooms

Before each buyer enters the home, don’t neglect these critical areas to double-check. Double-checking the kitchen and bathroom are highly important areas that can make or break that first impression. Before the buyer visits, make sure to look in your bathroom and kitchen to clear the mess, flush the toilets (and close all the lids). What's more, adding fresh toilet paper, spraying air freshener, and making sure the shower is dry will give the buyer the best impression. 


Manage The Trash Cans 

Manage trash cans

This may not seem as necessary, but managing your trash cans gives an incredible pride of ownership impression to any buyer. At the same time, scattered trash bundles or overflowing trash buckets build a negative impression. 


Here’s what you can do. Bring all the trash bins into the garage to increase your curb appeal when a potential buyer is coming, keeping the lid on will limit any smell and help you get an interested potential buyer for your property. 


Market A Sparkling Home

Sparkling home

Sparkling your home requires you to undergo deep cleaning of your home. Before you set yourself to market your property, adding sparkling shine to rooms, floors, lawn, doors, and walls gets you bonus points in the buyer’s mind. You must be fully aware of the fact that buyers will undoubtedly scrutinize your home, especially all those areas that seem less consequential to us. So, it is pivotal to hire a cleaning company or do it yourself before showing it to the prospects. 


Fix Electrical Issues 

Fxing electrical issues

Rooms with improper lighting, loose switches, naked wires, and unrepaired air conditioners or heaters will create a negative image. Moreover, the fancy or decorative lights that don't contrast with the furniture or wall paint also lose marks for you. 


Your best bet is to install accent lighting in your rooms that highlight the focal points in your rooms. Repairing the switchboards, air conditioning, heater, and covering the naked wires is a great way to eliminate the chances that a buyer focuses on one of these details instead of the bigger picture … How wonderful your home really is.