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How to Advertise Your  FSBO Home

How to Advertise Your FSBO Home

When a homeowner finally decides to put their home on the market, one of the first thoughts that cross their mind is whether or not they should hire the assistance of a real estate broker or if they should sell their home on their own. Both options can have mixed results, but if done right then selling it themselves could create significant savings and cut-out a majority of the traditional costs. If the homeowner decides to go with the latter route, often referred to as For Sale By Owner (or FSBO for short), then there are a few options available to help them increase their chances. The first thing they can do is list their home on Realoky; much like listing your home on or, Realoky allows for the entire sales process to be easily completed over the website or application. Sellers should compare the costs involved with using each of these sites. Remember, Realoky never charges a fee to list your home nor a commission when it sells. Another way to increase your chances of selling would be to keep your home show-ready at all times. Although this can be difficult, it is important to understand that it only takes a single showing for a buyer to make an offer on the property. This means keeping it clean and organized, showing the buyers that you were a good homeowner and that the house was well looked after. Finally, it is vital to understand the housing market around you and set a realistic price for your home relative to the homes that have sold around it. Doing just these few simple things will greatly increase your chances of getting potential buyers in the door along with higher offers for your home. Visit to learn more about how easy it is to buy, sell, or rent your home.

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Richard Shapiro

Richard Shapiro