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Is Buying A Home Without an Agent or Realtor Better?

Is Buying A Home Without an Agent or Realtor Better?

Buying your own house is a dream come true. Finally, after years of savings, working tirelessly hard, and sometimes suppressing your desires to get the big one fulfilled, buying your own house is a dream come true. But often, buying parties get inundated with real estate agents or realtors. And getting stuck with these agents and their brokers forces them to hand over massive commissions. But you're probably thinking, "I thought the seller pays those commissions?". Wrong! The sellers surely pay it at closing out of their side, but that is also after they've added the cost of the commissions (partially if not entirely) to the agreed price for the home, adding to the buyer's overall costs as well. However, these commissions can be easily saved by doing just a little research. So, here are …

The 7 BEST Reasons To Buy Without An Agent

Instant Savings

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A lot of buyers rely on real estate agents to get their dream house. However, according to a recent survey in 2020 by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), about 88% of people consider purchasing a new house with a buyer's agent. This is a home-run for the agent as they would then earn the entire commission (5-6% typically) without needing to share it with a buyer's agent. Why not simply go without an agent and negotiate for the 2.5-3% commission to be taken off the home price or a credit at closing? With the average transaction commission being about $15,000, then this is a quick $7,500 back into the buyer's pocket.

Seller Bonding 

How to negotiate buying a house - HomelyA lot of people end up hiring a real estate agent to hopefully make the transaction smooth. However, this makes it nearly impossible to communicate directly with the seller. This invariably sometimes leads to longer delays in communications and intentions being lost in the message. Many deals are lost because the realtor fails to recognize what their client is trying to accomplish and communicate effectively between them. For instance, many deals are lost by agents who fail to convey that some of the buyer's or seller's terms are flexible and not absolute. 

On the other hand, if you decide to buy the house yourself without the affiliation of a real estate agent, perhaps dealing directly with the seller would let you establish excellent relations and clearer communication. It may also help you close the deal in your favor or offer more flexibility. 

Buying In An Area, You Know

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You have a great understanding of the area because you're already living there or are very familiar with it. Many times, people relocating to new locations hire realtors to help them identify areas or neighborhoods that best fit their criteria. One of the bigger benefits a realtor can offer is their local knowledge. 

However, if you're already intimately familiar and know precisely the area you want, then perhaps going at it alone makes more sense. You know the area, you can see what's for sale and sold online and easily make an offer on the home you want while saving the commission the seller would otherwise pay your agent.

What’s more, even if you don’t live in the particular vicinity? Researching online has become simplified through sites like Zillow,, and RealEZRealty. These online platforms have made it easy to research and analyze the best place to buy your next home and even help you purchase it online. 

Making The Best Deal For Yourself  

It shouldn’t matter if you hire your own agent or work with the seller's agent

It shouldn’t matter if you hire your own agent or work with the seller's agent, but their interests are not always exactly aligned with their client’s interests. It is worth knowing that agents are there to also make money too through commissions and referrals, and closing deals (even if they are not always in the best interest of the buyer or seller). For instance, an agent may be biased towards certain offers or showing certain homes if they involve a fellow agent they work with or represent both buyer and seller in the transaction (to earn the maximum commission). However, this might not necessarily be in the best interest of their client. 

But if you work alone, you are at full liberty to make your own choices and get things done how you want. Your decisions and desires are the only ones competing without anyone else's preferences interfering, priorities are fully yours alone and automatically have the advantage of saving thousands in commissions.

Freely Shop MortgagesPre-Qualification Defined

Even if you decide to use an agent, many agents have relationships with lenders or mortgage brokers that they may steer you towards, beware of any steering and be sure to shop around for different loan offers. Once you have a lender in mind, then ask for a mortgage prequalification or a pre-approval letter to accompany any offer you make. 

This will show sellers that you already took the time to discuss financing, are serious, and are likely to give more consideration to your offer and terms. 

Save Your Hard-Earned Money 

Buying without a real estate agent means you will need to do some work yourself. You will need to negotiate the deal with your words and build relations with the seller, which may also help you save a significant amount of money from being lost to commissions. In most cases, the money saved is more than enough to offset the time spent in finding and putting together the right deal for you. 

The Final Words 

Buying your new home without a real estate agent or realtor is a great and very doable process. When considering the savings, then it often becomes the preferred method as well. Although, relying on the "experts" can be wise in trickier transactions, most people can easily handle doing an average transaction on their own. Just do a bit of research on the process and the different third parties that you'll need, and you'll be buying your own home in no time. You may fall in love with the process, as many do, and consider changing career paths!